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Automatic Leak Detection machinery


A typical rotary indexing machine in construction. To give you an idea of scale this particular machine is approximately 3m long x 2m wide and 2m high. The photo shows the yellow index table which is mounted on a Camco 6 station indexing gearbox unit, the indexing plate is approximately 1.5m in diameter and is a flame cut shape from mild steel plate, it was then stress relieved and plough ground to the correct thickness. Mounting the table on a Camco unit allows the table to index to a high degree of repeatability.

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In this view you can see one of the six stations under construction, this particular position is the test station. Again all parts are manufactured to high precision and the silver plates you can see here are plough ground and machined on our jig mill. All steel parts are in general either chemically blacked or zinc plated. All aluminium parts are generally black anodised. All frame work is normally powder coated with a leatherette finish.

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Electrical panels are usually constructed within a bought in enclosure. However in this case, the designers decided to incorporate the electrical enclosure in to the machine frame construction as part of the machine's general concept. This is not generally carried out as it does tend to create more work, but it can have distinct advantages, such as perfectly designed for the job.


Other types of automatic machinery

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