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Butt fusion Jigs




The jig in the image is used to butt fuse two parts of a plastic component together. The silver part in the centre is where the heating process takes place. The two blocks with the brass thumb wheels attached are used to compress the component together. Plastic butt fusion jigs typically run at a temperature of between 180-230 degrees centigrade, although this one has the capability of running as high as 500 degrees centigrade.



Inspection Jigs



Opposite is a special purpose  precision X-Y table. This particular jig is being used to examine minute defects on specific components. As you can see in the image both the X axis and the Y axis are mounted on precision slide ways. The  X-Y motion is achieved via the high precision ball screws. Using the ground ball screws and the precision slides the friction generated is considerably reduced in terms of human touch, thus when the operator views the components through the microscope, (shown in the top of the image), there amperes to be no notchiness to the motion. The jigs shown here are during manufacture and do not represent the finished items.



Production assembly jigs


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