A bit about us


 A bit about us



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 In house skills and expertise

   Concept visualization

   Project management

   Prototyping and development

   Physics & mathematics capabilities

   Design and 3D visualization proposal

   Manufacture (full capability see below)

   Large scale assembly area

   Full system / machine wiring

   Full system / machine programming (plc-pc-nc)

   Commissioning and physical production simulation

   Full system/machine installation at clients premises

   Onsite commissioning.

   Life time product support

   Onsite training

   Existing system decommissioning

   Production concept consultation









ARB Automation Ltd, was established in November 1995. The experience and technical ability with in its walls has a long and accomplished history reaching back to 1978. The company's main expertise lies within the design, development, manufacture and integration of special purpose machines and robotic systems, their design and innovation having their roots in the injection moulding industry. In 1999 in addition to complex automated systems, the company  started designing and manufacturing Leak decay machines & pressure test rigs.  ARB now offers an extensive range of expertise within the whole sphere of automated production, supplying bespoke and turnkey systems to a variety of clients.

    A typical automatic MIG welding machine


        Component           Component tooling

 Welding Machine


The Devlieg 38 x72 Jig Mill is our largest machine, It is primarily used for machining and planning the tooling plates welded to our machine frames which are also all manufactured in house. Its machining capacity is X=3m, Y=1m, Z=1m